I Know How to Live My Life with Humility

As the end of the year is fastly approaching, I want to discuss Humility/ Humbleness, ☺️ such beautiful virtues, ✨ attracting opportunities & openness to receive the abundance available to us.

When we stay humble, we avoid rigidity, and basically allow the Creator to do his part while we do ours.

Our part is to choose what we want and take action with faith.

This means, make the effort and do our best, with complete trust, that things will be shown to us and delivered to us at the right time, not necessarily in the way we expected.

What’s mind blowing is that the results might not even be the direct consequence of our efforts. See,  our efforts are not necessarily the cause of the results, but they are needed for us to create the container to receive the blessings we have been working for.

Our efforts are the conduit to live our calling and use our gifts to provide value in this world, to grow and discover our inner strengths.

Humility allows us to remove entitlement and focus on the path and the value we provide – aka create the container for the blessings to pour 😉

🙌  Amen to that!

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Much love,

Gaby ✨

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