I Know How To Ask Myself The Right Questions To Create Clarity In My Life

You probably heard the saying that the quality of the answers we receive, correlates to the quality of the questions we ask. I agree with that, whether we are asking The Creator or ourselves.

Asking the right questions is an art. Developing such skill might even require changing some beliefs like:

I am allowed to ask questions, or I deserve to ask questions, or I am free to ask questions or it’s safe for me to ask questions.

Here are some examples we shared with the coaches at the community call, to help our clients and ourselves gain clarity:

  • What would I do if the budget of money and time was unlimited?
  • What do I want to experience? What kind of experience do I want to have?
  • What’s the impact I wish to have? How do I want to impact now?
  • What is that thing that I don’t want to die without trying to create?
  • What skills/tools do I need in order to create the impact I want?
  • What’s the first step for me right now?
  • Where do I want to be in 90 days? What’s the first milestone?
  • What would be a game changer for me in the next 90 days?

The invitation here is to ask these questions while connected, or journal on them, however works best for you.

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