I Know How To Create My Vision, One Step At A Time

Do you remember this fun art activity we used to do as children in preschool, where we had to draw a line and connect numbers sequentially to reveal a picture?

We didn’t know what the image was going to be, we just followed one line at a time, one more number and trusted that at the end, we would have an image.

This is one of those activities that truly prepared us for life, simply because this is how we actually want to live our lives.

You see, the clarity is found along the path, with each step we take, we reveal more of the bigger picture and gain clarity about the next step to take.

And yet, I find that most adults who feel stuck or confused, are waiting for the clarity that can ONLY be found by walking the path, rather than sitting at the starting point, trying to figure out what the perfect vision is, or how to create it perfectly.

You don’t need to see the entire staircase to get started, you just need to see the next step, because once you get there, you will discover the best one to step on next.

You don’t need to figure it out to get started, you need to start to figure it out.

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