I Know How To Develop A Relationship With My Future Self Version

Did you know that our brain sees the future version of ourselves as a stranger? And that the further we look into the future, the bigger the disconnection between our present self and our future one?

That quality of the brain doesn’t work in our favour at all, because when working towards our goals and the creation of our best lives, we need to put our future self before our present self.

It is difficult to prioritize a stranger, don’t you think? How are we supposed to make decisions based on where we wish to be and not where we are, when we don’t personally connect to that future version of ourselves? Not to mention, say “no” to chocolate today, so the future self is in shape…

I would like to suggest two solutions to such challenge:

  1. Connect and visualize a future version of yourself that you can relate to, have feelings for and connect to. Don’t buy into “I have to see where I want to be in 5 years, 10 years etc.” Ask what’s the closest future version of yourself that you need to visualize in order to move forward towards your goals.
  2. Once you see that future version of yourself, develop a relationship and get familiar with her/him. Visualize her/him often and get in the habit of speaking and asking for advice from your own future self.

Here is a question I like asking my future self: What do I need to do today, to avoid regrets about…. (a particular situation), or what do I need to do today, to feel at peace with….

Have fun with your new “imaginary friend”!

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