I Know How to be Motivated to Live My Purpose Despite My Circumstances and Challenges

Very often I hear coaches and healers say, “I can’t see clients now, because I am going through a hard time in my life, or I can’t launch my program now while I am struggling with this….”

Have you ever felt this way?  I know I did when I first started.

If you have, always remember, your purpose doesn’t get diminished or lessened by your life challenges! If anything, the challenges we go through teach us more of what we need to learn and contribute in some way to our purpose. 

I also wish to remind you that your clients need you to show up exactly the way you are! On days that I am super energetic and cheerful, I find that the clients need me to be in that mood. While on days that I am more mellow, sensitive, and soft, surprisingly enough, that was exactly how I needed to be for the clients that I saw on that day.

In times of hardship, I remember thinking “Thank God for my work” and not “I can’t work because this is going on in my life”.

When your job is your calling, it will provide an oasis for you, even in times of struggle. 😉

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Much love

Gaby ✨

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