I Know How To Be The Builder Of My Best Life

For the most part when I spoke about manifesting my dreams in the past, I used the words “Create” or “Co-Create”.

Recently, I started using a different verb to describe the same thing, however it evokes a different feeling for me. That word is “Build”; even writing it feels very romantic.

Why is that? For me “Create” has a connotation of novelty, like something that didn’t exist suddenly appears. It feels more “magical” while on the other hand “Build” has a gradual process feeling that I am involved in.

Even more importantly, it’s the expectation. When we build something, we don’t necessarily expect it to be ready immediately and quickly – we commit to continuous effort and to the process itself.

I don’t say: I created a family, I say, “I built a family.

I don’t say: I created a coaching academy, I say: “I built a Coaching Academy.

Do you feel the difference in the energy? “Building” has the time component imbedded in the word itself.

We come to this life to be builders, to create the physical and energetic containers that can hold and contain the abundance that The Creator has for us.

I find this fascinating and get inspired by builders. Individuals who use their gifts, persistence, grit, and faith to build a life of impact.

What are you choosing to build in your life?

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