I Know How To Live My Life Inspired Day After Day

Inspiration is a powerful energy that moves us to impact, simply because we get inspired when our soul is touched, and our soul is always connected to our reason to be here in this world ✨

I find it difficult to carry along with life when I don’t feel inspired almost on a daily basis and after several days of lacking this energy, I purposely reach out to my inspiration library.

In other words, I take my inspiration very seriously and usually find it by tapping into external sources like listening to a podcast, to a song, reading a book, watching a movie, YouTube, etc.

How would you describe the feeling of inspiration? I believe it’s very personal of course. When I am inspired, I normally feel energy bubbling inside me, or feel like I have a creative volcano and ideas just pop and flow like lava.

The first step to bring inspiration into your life is to recognize what inspires you by paying attention to what stories move you deeply and connect to your “why” and what you believe in.

Once you are clear about it, you can proactively build your “Private Inspiration Library”.

You can also be your own inspiration and connect to a memory or a moment in which you acted in a way that would inspire you if you were a protagonist in a movie.🙏

I get inspired by builders. Individuals who use their gifts, persistence, grit, and faith to build a life of impact.

What inspires you?

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