I Know How To Take The First Step To Create Towards My Dreams And Goals

The other day I read this quote from Karl Bryan:

“The reason most people fail is that they never start.”

I couldn’t stop thinking how true this feels to me.

I believe that fear of success and/or failure are at the root of endless procrastination but today I want to focus on the fear of failure. It’s only normal for our sub-conscious mind to fear failure or more accurately what we believe to be its consequences.

However, what if we gave our mind a new definition of failure and we redefined it as follows:

“Failure is letting a challenge or situation that didn’t go according to our plan/expectation disempower us and ruin our future by creating regret/avoidance and making us retract from our path.”

On the same line, we can redefine success as:

“The courage to walk the path of creating our dreams, hence, the moment you dare you already succeeded”.

Such definition doesn’t depend on the outcome.

Please remember that you don’t need to see results to have permission to continue!

Our life is like a treasure hunt game. Every step provides you with the clue for the next. The only way to arrive to the treasure is to take the first step and continue from there.

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