I Know How To Live My Life As a Creator Without Becoming a Spiritual Consumer

Today I want to talk about manifesting. I was recently speaking with a healer who complained that she had not manifested her list despite having done the manifesting exercise several times.

I asked her what she asked for when she did the manifestation.

“What do you mean?”, she replied, “I asked to manifest the items on my wish list”.

I know…we have all done that, and I am sure that if it worked for you as it worked for me, you were able to effortlessly attract certain things into your life.

However, I would like to suggest an alternative to how we manifest. Rather than asking for the result to show at my door, I like to manifest for the means and the opportunities to create what I want.

This allows me to become an active participant and co-creator of my life, rather than a spiritual consumer. It allows me to partner with The Creator on the process of embodying the results I wish to have in my life and create the container to receive them.

After all, we have the best life and business partner. However, we are not meant to be a silent partner in this “spiritual partnership” but an active one, who exercises its free will and creative power.

Because doing so is FUN! Having dreams and putting in the effort to attain them is FUN!

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