I Know How To Develop & Maintain a Growth Mindset

Earlier this week I had a lovely chat with one of our coaching students about what is a growth mindset, and why is it important? And I thought many of you may also like to hear about it!

A growth mindset comes from the belief that we are not a final product. Not as people, not professionally and not in the different roles we play in life.

It’s the openness to learn and improve, from a place of joy and gratitude.

A growth mindset promotes the use of beautiful virtues like forgiveness, acceptance, the ability to observe rather than assume and the humility to be shown rather than presume.

A person with a growth mindset, learns from mistakes and rides above the victim mindset, because they look at life challenges as opportunities.
A person with a growth mindset, focuses on the progress along the journey, and feels accomplished by it, even before they arrive at their destination.
A person with a growth mindset, believes in humanity and acknowledges that people can change… because none of us are a final product.

Much love,


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