I Know How Work on Myself & Resolve My Blocks

Too many times, I hear healers and coaches lament that they still have “stuff” to work on, despite having done much work on themselves.

You see, the path of fulfilling our calling is paved with personal development. In my opinion this is more so if we are choosing to be self-employed.

The more I work on myself, the more I manifest my highest potential.

Inner blocks are part of the way and the veil between your current vibrational state and the next one. Or if you choose to look at your life as a game, working on these programs propels you to move to the next “level” in the game.

Here are some indicators that signal me: “Time to look inside and clear”

  1. An obvious sign that I need to work on myself, is when I experience 2 or 3 failed attempts at something.
  2. When I get triggered more than once with the same feeling or story in my mind.
  3. When I feel general frustration or dissatisfaction.

No matter what the trigger is, ping pointing the feeling it brings up for you, is a good starting point to ask yourself:

  • When did I feel this way for the first time? Where does it come from? When did it start?
  • What do I get (hidden benefit) by feeling this way or having this challenge?
  • What do I learn by feeling this way or having this challenge?

From there you can start shifting these energies, programs and feelings for new empowering ones while teaching your brain how to obtain the same hidden benefit in a much more loving, empowering, and unlimited way.

After all, Karl Bryan did say;

Nobody stands in line for a flat roller coaster!

Much love,


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