I Know How To Show Commitment to My Goals

This week I want to share with you all a little something I believe in; which is that when pursuing a goal, one should ask themselves the following question:

“Am I interested in creating this vision, or am I committed to it?”

What is the difference?

To be committed means that we will do whatever it takes to succeed.

Whereas, by being only interested we might default to quit if it becomes too challenging.

“How do we show COMMITMENT?”

Here are the 4 ways I came up with:

  • PERSISTENCE: This means that no matter what, as long as the desire is there, I don’t retract,  I continue and move forward. 
  • LEARN FROM MISTAKES: as painful as looking at what went wrong is, I learn from what didn’t work as much as I learn from what worked.
  • WORK ON SELF: Yep! The path of fulfilling our calling is paved with personal development. The more I work on myself, the more I manifest my highest potential.  
  • IMPROVE MY CRAFT: as a COACH and as an ENTREPRENEUR, the path of fulfilling our calling is also paved with learning and growth, especially when I lack skills to experience the level of impact that I want.

Now it’s your turn. How do YOU show commitment? Ponder on this as you grant permission to receive today’s download.

Much love,


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