I Know How To feel Joy & Live In Joy Every Day

If you are like me, you are probably thinking, how can I be joyful everyday? That’s impossible!

That’s because we view joy as “being happy” or “having fun”.

But when I asked for the highest perception of joy, the message was clear. It’s possible to experience joy in any situation, even the unpleasant, sad and “bad” ones because:

Joy is the ability to stay whole and connected despite life hurdles and challenges.

Joy is attained through connection. Joy is the pure experience of connection and is the opposite of drama, which creates disconnection.

Living in joy is not obvious. We come from surviving and drama, which creates disconnection to cope.

The pain from the past has served us in many ways, among them motivating us to succeed and build a good life. That’s great and probably was needed.

But what if we learn to be motivated by joy? Giving ourselves permission to live without persecution, pain, drama, fear, worry, or scarcity?

What if we increase our capacity to feel more joy by staying whole and connected to ourselves, to The Creator and to others in challenging times as well?

You got this!

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