I Know How To Feel & Embody My Worthiness

You have heard me say the following:

“You don’t need to succeed to be worthy or prove your worthiness; it’s because you are worthy, that you want to succeed.”

Embodying our worthiness comes in different ways, from acting deserving, having a dream, caring for ourselves, respecting our needs, forgiving ourselves, following our wishes and desires, putting effort into realizing our goals, being of service to others, etc.

We tend to focus on believing and feeling worthy, but what if we don’t need to believe it and instead just take it as truth (like with the law of gravity, whether you believe in it or not is irrelevant) and simply start acting as a worthy person, in the most mechanical way, even if in the beginning it feels fake. As we do so, we will embody what we already are and therefore the feeling of being good enough and deserving will follow.

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