I Know How To Live My Life With Desire

Today we are talking about the difference between our “wants” and “desires”.

Desires are the language of the soul expressed in “wishes”. We can’t always explain them rationally, they are more connected to our inherent need to impact and be of service.

Wants, on the other hand, are the language of our mind, our ego. For the most, we can find a reason why we want what we want, which boils down to providing for our survival and identity needs.

Here is where this gets interesting: fulfilling these two does not have the same effect.

“Desires” nourish our being with 100 coins per “desire” fulfilled.

“Wants” fill our being with 1 coin per “want” attained.

You do the math…

That’s why the more we are aligned with our “desires” and let these guide our lives, the less attached we are to our “wants”.

When we lead congruent lives, committed to the fulfillment of our soul’s desires and calling, we show up in life well-nourished. This means we not only don’t want to take from someone else’s meal, we are happy to share ours!

This is how you become more easygoing in your relationships, have fewer ego power struggles and create space for everyone around you to flourish too!

Aww – writing these words, feels like pure bliss!

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