I Know How To Have a Great Relationship with my Higher Self

When was the last time that you had a chat with your higher self?

Today, I want to encourage you to keep this relationship active so you can benefit from such a connection.

One way of connecting with your higher self is by going into a theta brain wave and asking to connect with her/him, then imagining going upward from your crown chakra until you meet with your higher self and start engaging in conversation.

Here are a few examples of questions or discussions you can have with your higher self:

  1. Ask for a clue to remember your purpose
  2. Ask why you are struggling with a particular situation
  3. Ask for help manifesting or overcoming challenges
  4. Ask for advice on how to best deal with a situation
  5. You can also update your higher self on what you want from now on

Don’t be surprised if your higher self appears sassy, sarcastic, or funny. This is more common than you think!

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