I Know How To Take Action And Avoid Needless Procrastination

Procrastination is a big one for many people. By design, only about 33% of the population has access to consistent willpower.

Unfortunately, many people who procrastinate are labelled as “lazy” from an early age, and often this turns into a subconscious program.

Procrastination is not a flaw, it’s a coping mechanism of the mind.

Here is what we understand if we look at procrastination through the developmental stages.

The Child procrastinates because they want to do what they want. Their behaviour is perceived as freedom and rebellion against adults’ expectations and rules.

The Adult procrastinates as an attempt to correct their lack of freedom currently or during childhood, or as a result of feeling unworthy of achieving success.

The Sage doesn’t procrastinate because they have developed self-love. They know how to set boundaries and therefore are able to say NO to their impulse to “wait” or get distracted from what is required in the moment.

Healing and Inner work are powerful tools to help us shift such coping mechanisms and empower ourselves to live a life of intention.

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