I Know How To Remember My Purpose

Today is a reminder that we don’t need to find our purpose but remember it.

You see, our soul chooses its purpose, its way of impacting in this life prior to departure and before we land here in our bodies.

One can look at three categories of serving in this world:

  1. Sharing money or material resources to those who have less.
  2. Sharing or offering our knowledge to those who don’t know.
  3. Sharing or offering our skills to those who don’t know and don’t want to know.

Here is an analogy to emphasize my point.

If I am passionate about fishing, there are 3 ways I can use my passion to be of service and make a living out of it:

  1. If I was born wealthy, I can distribute my wealth or my fish to less fortunate people.
  2. If I am talented as a fisherman and enjoy teaching, I can teach people how to fish so they can provide for themselves with food.
  3. If I am good at fishing but don’t enjoy teaching, I can offer my fishing services and get paid for it.

Of course, we can also provide a combination of the 3, but the idea is to take our unique ability, use it in an area that we are passionate about and share it with the world in at least one of these three ways.

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