I Know How To “Let Go” of What Prevents Me From Moving Forward

As Coaches and ThetaHealers we help the people we serve to resolve and let go of limiting patterns so they can break free and move forward to create the life they desire. However, I find that sometimes we resolve and resolve but fail to let go.

Have you ever found yourself working on the same story again and again?

I like asking the Creator the following question:

“What do I need in order to let go of this story/hurt/drama?”

Sometimes, I need a higher perspective on the situation, The Creator’s perspective, however other times, all I need to hear from The Creator is “It’s enough, just let go”. It is as if we need to hear these words to give ourselves permission to finally let go.

You see, we perceive certain life circumstances and challenges as too harsh and difficult to let go.

We might believe that it’s impossible or even “wrong” to let go. Hearing The Creator’s wise and kind voice saying it, might be the “inner permission” we need to finally do so.

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