I Know How To Embrace The Opportunities That My Healing Work Brings Into My Life

The other day I found myself saying the following words during the closure prayer of the Rhythm class:

“Creator, thank you for the work done during class today, help us embrace the opportunities that these healings open for us”.

You see, often healers confuse healing with manifesting.

Belief work empowers us to shift the inner blocks and limiting programming that keep us stuck in the past, so we can move forward and manifest our best lives. The healing creates a window of opportunity for us to take aligned actions that will result in manifesting what we want.

Too often the perception is that once the healing is done, the process is complete. On the contrary, once the clearing is done, now you are invited to embrace the opportunities that you’ll attract and take the necessary steps to bring your goals into fruition.

If we miss this window, we might recreate the old beliefs and get stuck in a cycle of never-ending healing.

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