I Know How To Be The Light In The Tunnel

I wondered if it is possible to experience joy when we face extremely difficult times and the worst of life circumstances.

Then I remembered that the definition of joy was channeled as:

“The ability to stay whole and connected despite the circumstances”

But how can we possibly stay whole in harsh and traumatic situations?

The answer to that is through CONNECTION. The pure and graceful experience of connection.

Connection, yes, no matter what we are currently feeling, even if we are filled with anger, despair, grief, helplessness, or any other valid emotions in different combinations.

What kind of connection?

  1. Connection to Spirit or Divine
  2. Connection to ourselves which allows for self compassion and acceptance of what we are feeling and experiencing without judgment.  All emotions valid.
  3. Connection to others in different ways:

 – Support groups that create a non-judgmental space to share what we are feeling and experiencing. These provide tremendous validation and strength.  

 – Contribution and service to others. Acts of service for other people are one of the most meaningful experiences for anyone, specially for people who feel broken or helpless as it allows a person to shift from

 – “Helpless to Helpful” (Tal Ben Shachar words) and fill the internal void with meaning and purpose (Viktor Frankl)

I have come to realize that even in the darkest times, one can experience grace if we stay connected.
Same as when we star gaze, we search for low light pollution areas to have clear skies, at times, the easiest way to spot the light, is when everything else is dark.
Don’t wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel, be the light IN the tunnel
– Shaindy Jacobson

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