I Know How To Live My Life Liberated

What is liberation? Is it to do whatever I want?

I view liberation as self-permission to embody all sides of me. It is the acknowledgement that I am not limited to one identity and can embody the one needed in the moment.🥰

You see, when we were young, at a certain point we probably created a false identity about who we are and who we are not, which subsequently gets expressed in how we show up in the world and what we attract.

For example, I might have created a false identity that “I don’t belong with the winners/cool kids” therefore I play small and compromise with what’s left on the table after they have served themselves.

Fast-forward into my adult life, I might find myself applying for a well-deserved promotion at work, but never being granted such an opportunity.

It would be difficult to receive what I want if I embody my false identity and wear the “I don’t belong with the winners” hat.

The liberation of this false identity feels like breaking free from a small glass jar in which we have put ourselves in the past and allowing ourselves to be whoever we choose to be while embodying the energy that is required from me in the present moment.✨

It’s about not limiting our experience to that false identity and recognizing that we are whole and in fact can wear many “hats” and embody all sides of us, including those that feel natural and those that might feel more uncomfortable.

🥰You are free to be ALL! With complete knowingness that you were created unlimited because your experience comes from your soul which, unlike your body that is finite, is unlimited.

You got this!

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