My Life Gets Better Day After Day

The art of making our lives better day after day is closely correlated to different factors, among them our conscious choices and conscious decision process.

Every minute of our lives we are opting in for something and opting out of something else.

The art of making our lives better day after day is the commitment to continuously (not one time) opt in for the right things and opt out from the rest.

It’s a gradual process with a compound effect and benefits.

What can we opt out of? Drama, gossip, taking things personally, self-blame, guilt, regrets, assumptions, judgment, activities that don’t nourish us, the news, etc.

What can we opt in for? Always doing our best, getting better at our craft, growing our knowledge, quality time with our loved ones, listening, activities that nourish our mind, body, spirit, self-care, commitment to our goals, healing of the self… basically anything that your future self will thank you for having done.

It’s the accumulation and compounding of the daily small acts of grace that birth a graceful life.✨

You got this!

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