I Know How to Set Bigger Goals for Myself

This week I want to set a record straight.

Size does matter! 😉

The size of your goals affect your life more than you can imagine.

When we set low expectations of our impact in the world and define small goals, we will automatically surround ourselves with an environment that matches the level of expectations we had set.

On the other hand, when we aim high, to accomplish big things, to create massive impact, we will automatically attract and surround ourselves with high impact resources to support our goals.

If your goal is to impact the life of 1000 people in the coming year, you will look for different resources and acquire better skills than if the goal was to impact 10 people in 2023.

Humility is not about keeping it small and wanting less, it’s about aiming high, dreaming BIG and remaining content and grateful for what we have.

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Much love

Gaby ✨

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