I Know How to Perceive “Variety” as a Form of Abundance

This week I want to share with you an experience I had a couple of months ago, at an event I was attending.

When I walked into the room and saw a table with about 50 different types of fruits and nuts, in various forms, from fresh to dried…Instinctively, the first thing that came to mind was;  

“Wow so much abundance!”

Variety is a form of abundance because it allows us to experience life more, and more of life.

It provides different experiences and sensations, whether through a variety of foods, places, colors, flavours, or PEOPLE.

All of our friends, colleagues, neighbors, religions, cultures; all bring a different taste to life.

Imagine how boring and limited life would be if there was only one culture, one religion, one cuisine, one landscape, one type of bird, mammal, fish…you see where I am going!?

When we stay open, accepting and humble we can recognize the abundance that each person brings to our lives and to this world!

The Creation is simply magnificent!

Much love


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