I Know How To Embody My Inherent Worthiness

Worthiness is probably the topic we address the most with clients, including ourselves.

I am always amazed by The Creator’s messages about self-worth.

Worthiness is not “a thing” we can attain, simply because we already have it, however it’s “a thing” we have to embody.

How do we embody self-worth? Well, by demonstrating it through our behaviours, our choices, in the way we interact with the world, what we allow from others, what we allow into our bodies when we eat, what we allow energetically, the boundaries we set… you get the idea.

Worthiness is embodied through our choices.

Next time you make a choice, whether in what you eat, what you do, who you surround yourself with, etc.… ask yourself: “Is that a choice that a person who feels worthy would do?”

Rather than focusing on feeling worthy, focus on behaving and embodying worthiness and, consequently, you will also feel that way.

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